FRP Services, s.r.o.

Since 2013 we are a producer and developer of the modern calling system for volunteer fire brigades under the trademark FIREPORT. After two years in service for volunteer fire brigades FIREPORT became a synonym for fast and reliable fire brigades calling.

We are professionals with knowledge of operational management of fire brigades.

Thanks to the elaborated system we started contributing with our help to fire brigades in Slovakia. FIREPORT is getting to be a well-known solution there as well.

We are proud to be a part of firefighting family which helps saving lives and property.


We know what you need

FIREPORT is under permanent development. We process all requests from firefighters and turn into live. Functionalities of FIREPORT are getting richer and make easier life of the people who use it. We are thankful to the people who contributed with their ideas to improve FIREPORT.

Team members

Lukáš Bartůněk

head of business and marketing

Vít Novák

head of operations

David Hrádek

head of development

You can trust us

We are not only a supplier of FIREPORT. We continuously monitor and control the system to keep it fully functional for all firefighters using the system. Thanks to the support of Fire and Rescue Service of Czech Republic we can provide you the first-class service you need.

We are firefighters as well. Thank to it we know what you need and what have to focus on.

We are one step ahead...

Your team FIREPORT

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