How it works

Since its birth FIREPORT has undergone many improvements. We would like to show you what FIREPORT is able to provide your fire brigade:

Commanding officer receives an emergency call. The officer provides all important data for firefighters to FIREPORT.

SMS delivery (SMS containts details about the call) is immediately triggered. Additionally a phone call to all firefighters is being dispatched. All firefighters gets the message and call and the same moment. Smartphone application (Android + iOS) shows your even more details.

Once you receive the phone call FIREPORT announces: „A new fire call has been issued for your fire brigade. (details about the call included). Press 1 to accept the call or 3 to reject the call.“

This feedback FIREPORT processes and displays on the LCD screen at fire station. The same is shared to the smartphone (Android + iOS) application for all firefighters (

At the very same moment FIREPORT starts itself at fire station.

LCD display shows:

the incident details

required vehicles

other fire brigades

map with route to the incident

countdown to leave the fire station

feedback from firefighters – acknowledgment from the phone call or smartphone application (if you can wait the the person or not)

The incident details are being read and played to speakers.

Printer prints the incident details and map with route. The printer is doublesided so we provide as much information as possible.

Moreover FIREPORT controls other electrical equipment at the station – siren, lights, doors, compressor etc. based on your needs and requirements.

Complete management of your FIREPORT service goes via easy web interface.

FIREPORT fullfills all your fire brigade's requirements.

FIREPORT pricelist

Hardware part

It consists of LCD display, speakers, printer and electrical box. We can install this equipment almost everywhere at fire station.


Software part

Software part is fully managed remotely. Thanks to this we can adjust and modify the system based on your needs.

It just requires internet connectivity at the place of installation.



You don't need to order all FIREPORT modules – you can configure them based on your needs.

FIREPORT SMS – base module with SMS messages, phone calls and smartphone application (Android + iOS) included

FIREPORT PRINT – module containing printer for printing information about fire calls and map with route

FIREPORT OZS – additional module controls other electrical equipment at the station – siren, lights, doors, compressor etc.

FIREPORT PAGING – cooperation with your local pager network (if installed)